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Teaching Staff:

Kindergarten - Carrie Lagger
Kindergarten Readiness - Meg Buck
First Grade - Jan McNichol
Second Grade - Patricia Cousino
Third Grade - Kim Blocking
Fourth Grade - Megan Albrecht
Fifth Grade - Kellie Doyle
Sixth Grade - Michael Boaden
Seventh Grade - Ed Mouch
Eighth Grade - Lisa Bartholomew

Phys Ed - Michael Boaden
Spanish - Clementina Whitaker
Art - Stacy Spinazze
Music - Amy Sujkowski

Supporting Staff:

Lunch Director - Tracey Groenleer
Jr. High Aide - Kim Jagodzinski
Kindergarten Aide - Maggie Augustyniak
First Grade Aide - Anne Hankenhof
Recess/Lunch/Extended Day - Linda Wasnich & Sue Jarvis
Clinician - Mary Pietras
Librarian - Vickie Fahim
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